For those of us who vote for the environment and environmental justice, we felt it was important to get a better idea of where our local candidates stand on certain issues. Representatives from the organizations below together formulated seven action statements and asked Kauai County Council and Mayoral candidates if they would Champion, Support, or Oppose each action. Undecided was also a legitimate response. A couple of the candidates added their own “Qualified” response. Certainly, many of these actions are complex and multi layered and deserve detailed response. We appreciate the thought put into answers, and encourage you to read into each participant’s unedited comments.

It can also be noted that in 2017 Council members Brun, Kagawa, Kaneshiro and Rapozo voted against accepting a $100,000 grant to do a Climate Action Plan for Kauai. Chock, Kawakami and Yukimura voted to accept the grant. Monies have not become available again.

We thank you for taking the time to educate yourself, be involved and VOTE.


Brief Overview

* = additional comments


Mayoral Candidates

  Derek Kawakami

“The County’s planning role should be revised to be proactive rather than reactive.” Read more here.

  Mel Rapozo

“While I agree with the concept of halting any new zoning entitlements, a moratorium may not be possible.” Read more here.

County Council Candidates

  Milo Spindt

“The relocation of the County Landfill and how we deal with our waste is one of the biggest financial and environmental issues facing the County.” Read more here.

  Adam Roversi

“Land use laws should be amended to more fully consider and account of watershed preservation and the maintenance of water quality, especially as both are affected by non-point source runoff form urbanized areas.” Read more here.

  Mason Chock

“It is a reasonable collective solution to properly maintain and preserve our shared finite resources and empower our community.” Read more here.

  Luke Evslin

“We need to recognize not only the high cost of burying so much trash, but the environmental cost of plastic in our ecosystem, and the atmospheric cost of methane emissions on our planet (from anaerobically decomposing food).” Read more here.

  Kipukai Kualii

“It has to be clear now (following the 2018 historically heavy rains), if it wasn’t already, that this (Climate Action) is a public safety issue that must be addressed.” Read more here.

  Juno Apalla

“We must first address wage/income gaps before tampering with restrictions, which could be discriminatory.” Read more here.

  Felicia Cowden

“With agriculture we want to encourage land use that 1) feeds the community or 2) yields a commodity crop, with both uses implementing responsible land stewardship.” Read more here.

  Billy De Costa

We need to design an agriculture base community development where the home owners have a one acre lot to raise farm to table products.” Read more here.

  Arthur Brun

“We need to follow the newly adopted General Plan as closely as possible in order to manage development in accordance with the desires of our community.” Read more here.

Candidates Who Did Not Respond

What should also be revealing are those who chose not to respond. Follow up phone calls and emails were made to each candidate, and the failure to respond reflects the lack of importance they place on these issues.

  Shayleen Iseri

Asked to be excused due to family emergency.

  Kanoe Ahuna

No response.

  Ross Kagawa

No Response.

  Arryl Kaneshiro

No Response.

  Norma Doctor Sparks

Asked to be excused due to family medical issues.