Kauai Chapter

Marine Debris Art Education Program

Marine Debris Art Workshops can be brought to your school or organization on a first-come first- serve basis. Our most popular workshops include mosaic murals, and fishing net wreaths, but our workshops can be customized to suit your needs. Please remember that the purpose of the workshop is to raise awareness about marine debris as a means to fulfill Surfrider’s mission, which is the protection and enjoyment of the world’s ocean, waves and beaches through a powerful activist network. Keep reading if our mission aligns with your needs.

What you should know about the process:

Surfrider Kauai often experiences a backlog of requests. Please be patient with us if we put you on a waiting list, so that our volunteers have time to catch up.

Marine Debris art workshops start with an educational presentation about single use plastic and marine debris. We recommend that you start your unit by attending a Surfrider sponsored beach clean-up.

Marine debris murals take a lot of work. Please make sure you are willing to take the time and effort. Organizations requesting a workshop must be willing to collect, transport, clean, and process marine debris. We have resources that show you how to do this.

Surfrider volunteers and staff requires at least a 6-week lead time on all art workshops because of the work involved.

Please understand that our volunteers may work full time and that you must be open to being flexible with the scheduling of the workshops.

Your organization will be required to purchase supplies for the workshop. Surfrider does not provide the supplies. Supplies may include plywood, acrylic latex caulk, caulking guns, scissor, tin snips, garden tools, plyers, gloves, safety goggles, pens, paint, wire, etc.

Most public art workshops are offered free to Surfrider members. Please consider becoming a member.

A nominal fee may apply for certain workshops, but don’t let that stop you. We have resources to help you bring these workshops to your school or other organization.

Please contact Barbara Wiedner (808-635-2593 ) or Monika Mira (lucidhawaii@mac.com) for more info.