Kauai Chapter

Net Patrol


Helping to Protect Our Endangered Seals, Turtles and Coral

On Kauai’s windward shores, thousands of pounds of plastic pollution wash ashore every year – most from commercial fishing operations, with fishing nets being the main culprit. The tides bring in tangled masses of ropes and lines, many weighing over 1,000 pounds. We launched “Net Patrol” in 2007 in response to the growing problem of debris on outlying beaches and coastlines. Removing the net masses requires digging, cutting, dragging, and hauling. It is important to get to the nets before the next high tide, so we mobilize Net Patrol to remove them. If left on the coastline, the ocean will wash them out again, where they can entangle fish, monk seals and turtles – or ensnare coral heads.

To report a net on the beach, contact Project Manager Barbara at 808-635-2593 or Bwiednerrealtor@aol.com.

Three Decades of Debris Data

Surfrider Kauai and the Hawaii Wildlife Fund have partnered to share knowledge and interpret three decades worth of debris data. This presentation outlines what 30 years of regular cleanup activities reveal about marine debris recovery efforts in Hawai’i. Please click here for more details and to learn about future projects.

This is why we do Net Patrol!

Working with Surfrider, Adventures Cross Country volunteers delivered massive nets collected from the rocks at Kealia to the new recycling center at Restore Kaua’i.