Kauai Chapter

Volunteer tips

When to show up?

  • It’s nice when people show up on time, but we’re flexible, so come late or early if you like, as all help is welcome.

How to find us?

  • If you are unfamiliar with the beach try to show up early or at least on time.
  • We usually put up signs to help guide you in, and so we’re usually easy to find.  Some of the more remote beaches can be challenging, especially when only a few volunteers show up for an event.  So plan ahead, and contact the organizer or show up early.

What we provide:

  • Gloves
  • Debris bags
  • Sand sifters are often available
  • Some garbage grabbers, net cutting tools, and other tools.
  • Water

What to consider bringing with you:

  • Sturdy shoes with good treads are often helpful to walk across rocks to gather debris.
  • Long pants (to avoid scratching legs).  Zip off pants or shorts optional.
  • Personal items to use at the beach after or before the event.
  • A pickup truck if you have one.
  • If the cleanup is scheduled for late afternoon a headlamp is advisable in case a delay might mean a walk back to the car in the dark.
  • A friend or neighbor.
  • A camera.
  • Your backpack, loaded with:
    • Water or a drink
    • A sturdy hat
    • Some sunscreen
    • A snack
    • Mosquito repellent (for some access hikes)
    • Purell to clean your hands afterwords

What to expect:

Lots of nice people and friendly faces.  You may discover lesser known beaches with secret beauty, and with less traffic.  We’ll have you sign in on a log.  Then you can grab a bag or bucket and some gloves or other tools and get started.  You can work in groups or alone as you like.  We usually sort and weigh some or all of the debris recovered so we can report what we’ve done.

Surfrider c-up 7-20


Use good common sense.  Failing that:  While most debris we find is harmless, don’t move tanks which might contain unknown substances, like propane.  Stay within your physical comfort zone in terms of weight, slopes, etc.  Seek help with larger items that you can’t reasonably handle.  Use gloves when picking up items from wet dirt areas to avoid possibility of centipede contact (rare).