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Protect ʻAliomanu Beach Access

10 • 03 • 2023

Protect ʻAliomanu Beach Access

Maintain beach access to ʻAliomanu South

ʻAliomanu Road beach access is saved! In October 2023, neighboring property owner purchased 5032 C ‘Aliomanu Road and restored public beach access in perpetuity. 

Since 2018, the Kauai Chapter has been working with Native Hawaiians and the County of Kauai to maintain beach access at ʻAliomanu. The access point, located at the end of ʻAliomanu Road, provides access to the shoreline area known as ʻAliomanu South. Surfrider Foundation Kauai utilizes the access for beach cleanups and debris removal. Native Hawaiians use the path to access the shoreline area to fish and collect limu (edible seaweed). There are also claims that this trail was part of the ancient Ala Loa Trail System. 

Neighbors and community members have been utilizing the access for over 50 years. Previous property owners allowed the community to utilize the access without issue. They even built a boulder wall and landscaped out the path from their property The current property manager, however, has routinely blocked the path with green waste, including 2 foot high piles of palm fronds. The Kauai Chapter has joined Native Hawaiian groups in clearing the pathway and are discussing how to ensure long term access - particularly with regards to Hawaiian gathering rights.