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Path of tsunami marine debris from Japan to Kauai

Surfrider-Kauai has been seeing a recent increase in what appears to be debris from the tsunami that hit Japan over  four years ...

More debris washes ashore

2 large boat pieces grounded on Eastside, but experts unsure if its from tsunami.

Kauai Ocean Safety Report -Polluted Waters – 2014 Annual Water Quality Review

In 2014 Kauai’s ocean beaches and surfbreaks were mostly clean, but some were definitely not.

Kauai Ocean Safety Report

Can Surfing in Polluted Water Kill You? Read the full article here.

Have you ever gotten sick after a surf or swim?

If you have ever become sick after a swim or surf session please submit a report to Ocean Illness.

Read about Kauai Surfrider’s Net Patrol program and its driving force Barbara Wiedner

Kaua’i is a magnet for lost fishing nets, but Barbara Wiedner of Surfrider Foundation leads the way in gathering folks to help remove them.

Styrofoam free

View styrofoam-free restaurants on Kauai, including every restaurant in Kilauea.

Fukushima Radiation Monitored

No water-borne radionuclides from Fukushima’s Dai-ichi nuclear reactors have been detected in Hawaii’s waters by scientists ...